Saturday, October 08, 2011

This is something Russ told me today on Skype. I thought I would share!

Russ: I had a funny dream this morning. We were spies, and infiltrating somewhere. They had electric eyes set up, and we were getting trapped. You said, no problem, and brought up a box, and reached in. You pulled out Buffy, and she took off, scurrying around, detecting the lights, and pushing things in front of them to block them off!

Zette: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russ: But then it looked like she was about to get trapped, and I was worried for her, and you said, 'Really, not a problem!'

Russ: You reached back into the box and brought out another Buffy to help her!

Zette: Oh no, no, no! One is enough!

Russ: And another!

Russ: and another!

Russ: and another!

Zette: ACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Russ: And another!

Russ: Six, total! Illya (Ducky from NCIS) had cloned her as a secret weapon!!

Zette: Now that is funny!

Russ: I was reeling! SIX BUFFYS????? And then they all came back together, looking up at us, saying 'Meow!'

Russ: And you put them back in the box, and on we went!
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